Comfort Grip™ 30″ Rope


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The Comfort Grip 30″ Rope is made from a flexible easy to grip and comfortable rubber that allows for a multitude of grip placements and uses with selectorized equipment, chains, bands, and plates. Out of the box the CG Rope looks stiff unlike traditional ropes, but under a load the CG Rope comes to life giving the user the functional characteristics of traditional ropes and much more. For example, Triceps Pushdowns on a selectorized weight stack the CG Rope may be utilized with a bottom grip placement to get full range of motion allowing complete hand separation at the bottom of the move engaging all three heads of the triceps. As well, grip placement may be at the top of the CG Rope providing shallower hand separation giving the user effect and feel of a V-Bar triceps exercise.

An extra benefit to the CG Rope it is easy to clean and much more sanitary than traditional ropes.

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Weight3 lbs
Dimensions31 × 3 × 3 in

Comfort Grip™