Let us take you through our process of building your perfect room—

Our process starts by getting you connected with a salesman who has coaching background specific to what you need. Here at Total Strength and Speed the lines between a salesman and coach are blurred enough for us to offer the exact solution your weight room requires.

We will build out a room with you every step of the way — from a basic drawing to a more advanced render. We will showcase every piece of equipment desired as well as any customized logo elements you may need to have designed.

All this will be done with a sales team that will be only a phone call/email away. Once everything has been finalized, you’ll get your custom Williams Strength equipment delivered and setup by our install team. The sales team will make sure that everything has been delivered and that the room is perfect to the standards you have set.

Our Team
David Abernethy
Director of Sales and Education
Mike Armstrong
Regional Sales Manager
Carl Middleton
Regional Sales Manager
Will Ellison
Regional Sales Manager
Bonnie Long
Sales Administrator/
Customer Service Manager

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