Comfort Grip™ Tricep Ladder


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The Comfort Grip Triceps Ladder is made with an ultra durable 1″ nylon web strap sewn to provide two 15″ sides from the connector loop to the bottom hook. The upper hooks for grip placement sewn in at 5″ increments. The versatility of this design allows the user to utilize three different grip positions which will effectively change the distance of movement while executing an exercise and, thus, the muscular recruitment pattern.

For example, a user can perform tricep pushdowns starting with the bottom grip placement and a desired weight, and perform pushdowns to failure. The user could simply roll the grip handle up and connect with the middle hook and continue the set at the same weight for an extra 3 to 7 reps before reaching failure again. The user could then go to the top hooks with the grip handles and get an added 2 to 5 reps before reaching failure again. This device will help you reach complete and total triceps exhaustion like no other triceps accessory available.

Also, great for overhead triceps extensions, face pulls, pull throughs, seated rows, hammer curls, cable pullovers, and so much more.

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Weight3 lbs
Dimensions12 × 10 × 4 in

Comfort Grip™